Strategic Planning for 2018-2022


The purpose of the Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 is to realize the Bank’s vision and mission in changing contexts. It is a fundamental management instrument that enables the direction of efforts and resources, both emphasizing and prioritizing matters related to its institutional foci.

The current strategic plan was brought forth through an advisory, participatory and inclusive process. This reflects the fact that the Bank is an entity that works for the country as a whole, and that it depends on the cohesive team of people composing it.

The implementation of this plan began in 2018. Its structure is based on five strategic foci, each of which has its own specific initiatives, action plans, authorities and deadlines.

This plan, which rests on the institution’s strengths, recognizes potential future opportunities and risks and identifies a set of strategic initiatives to realize the Bank’s vision as a reliable institution due to its technical nature and excellence in achieving the objectives entrusted to it by law.


Our Mission


To ensure the stability of the currency and the normal functioning of internal and external payments, thereby contributing to the smooth functioning of the economy, financial stability and the welfare of society.


Our Vision


To be a reliable institution due to its technical character and excellence in achieving the objectives entrusted to it by the Constitution.


Our Core Values


The Bank is committed before society to fulfill the public mission entrusted to us. Therefore, we take responsibility for the decisions we make, which are based on technical criteria and independent action.

We see it as our duty to communicate clearly and openly, expressing respect among ourselves, sharing experiences and knowledge, and promoting equal opportunities for all those who are part of this institution.

The continuous improvement of our processes and activities is our permanent concern as a Bank, which leads to fulfilling our mission with excellence, considering best practices and encouraging innovation.

Maintaining an impeccable conduct is one of our fundamental axes to fulfill the public duty entrusted to us. Therefore, we act with the utmost professional probity in the administration of institutional resources.

As a public institution, we are committed to acting with transparency. For this reason, we endeavor to inform our decisions to society in a timely and effective manner.



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