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“Central en tu Vida” Program

Is the financial education program promoted by the Central Bank of Chile, through which it provides educational resources and learning tools on the Bank's main functions in the economy of the country, and how its work is directly related to the welfare of society. For further information visit the websitewww.centralentuvida.cl

Educational Visits

The educational visits are part of “Central en tu Vida”, the Financial Education program of the Central Bank of Chile, which seeks to contribute to informing citizens of economic and financial matters, providing knowledge of economy and finance in a clear and simple language..

Basic and
Middle Education

The objective of educational visits for primary and secondary students is to teach them the role and duties of the Central Bank, as well as economic concepts and processes that are usually considered complex, in a simple, close and entertaining way.

Relevant Aspects:

  • Up to 4 visits per institution.
  • Up to 40 students per visit.


The objective of educational visits for higher-education students is to deepen their understanding of the role and duties of the Central Bank, as well as to explain economic concepts and processes, such as monetary policy, and monetary policy rate, inflation/deflation and their consequences, the payment system, among others.

Relevant Aspects:

  • At least 15 attendees

For educational establishments with highly vulnerable enrollment (Student Vulnerability Index over 90%), the Central Bank grants two transport sponsorships every year, aimed at schools in Santiago that lack the resources to bring their students to the Bank.

For reservations and further information on other Financial Education tools, visit Central en tu Vida’s website: www.centralentuvida.cl

Cultural Heritage Day

The Central Bank actively participates in the Cultural Heritage Day promoted annually by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage every last Sunday of May. For the public it is a great opportunity to get to know the historical and heritage spaces of the BCCh, such as the Board Room, the office of the Governor of the Bank, and the Numismatic Museum.

Regional Meetings

The Central Bank organizes the dissemination of its Monetary Policy Reports (IPoM) in the regions of the country, having Councilors of the institution in different cities to present each report in March, June, September and December before the local community, economic agents and politicians from the provinces of the country. This networking effort is developed by allying with unions and/or universities, in order to coordinate each presentation and actively manage the dissemination of its main economic report with the participation of local actors.

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