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  • Economic Expectations Survey – EES

  • Financial Traders Survey– FTS

  • Banking Credit Survey – BCS

  • Household Financial Survey

Economic Expectations Survey – EES


Survey is sent on a monthly basis to a select group of academics, consultants and executives or advisors of financial institutions. It closes the day after knowing the CPI of the previous month, and the results are published the day after its reception, at 8:30 approximately at
The survey period comprises the week prior to publication.

In case you want to request the monthly microdata, write to the following email:

Financial Traders Survey– FTS


The Financial Traders Survey (FTS) is aimed at those responsible for the financial decisions of each institution invited to participate in this survey. These institutions are local banks, pension funds, insurance companies, brokers, securities dealers, mutual funds and offshore banks operating actively with Chile. 
The FTS is disseminated two business days after the publication of the Monetary Policy Meeting (MPM) Minute and three business days before the MPM.

Banking Credit Survey – BCS


This survey is sent to the executives responsible for the credit areas of financial institutions, and aims to know their perception about the approval standards of new loans and funding demand the banking system is receiving. The results of this survey allow us to obtain information regarding the behavior of credit and aggregate demand for better understanding of the economic and financial factors that explain its evolution.

Household Financial Survey


The Household Financial Survey (EFH) is an initiative of the Central Bank of Chile, which has been carried out since 2007 and aims to generate detailed information on the financial balance of households, allowing a broader understanding of their financial behavior.





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