Open Market Operations

Financial Operations as Fiscal Agency

The Local Market Committee (CMN) is an initiative which main purpose is to offer an active discussion forum between the Central Bank of Chile (BCCh) and the major national and international participants that operate in local markets. These sessions are common practices among referential central banks, such as the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the Fed.

 The objective of the CMN is to receive from its members market trends and current situation analysis, while also showing the need for improvement or changes that might support the proper functioning of markets, always keeping in mind the relevance of transmission and implementation of the Monetary Policy established by the BCCh’s board.

 After each CMN session, a Minute Act will be published, summarizing the main points and discussions among the members, in addition to the presentations done during the session and a list of the meeting attendees. The content of the Acts does not reflect in any case the position of the BCCh referring to the discussed topics.

Fecha Descripción/Archivo
11-07-2023 CMN Prácticas del Mercado Spot local versus estándar internacional