Compendium of Monetary and Financial Regulation

Compilation of regulations issued by the Central Bank of Chile using the powers conferred by the Constitutional Organic Law to regulate the amount of money in circulation and of credit.

The First Part is composed of four main sections, which deal with the general conditions applicable to the Bank’s open market operations, considering the issuance of the Bank’s Debt Instruments, as well as the terms that structure the primary market in which said securities are placed; together with the operations aimed at regulating the liquidity of banking companies (purchases of credit titles with repurchase agreements, standing deposit and liquidity deposit facilities, liquidity credit lines with collateral and foreign exchange swap contracts).

In addition, the rules on the cash reserve ratio and technical reserves are included, as well as the regulations applicable to other special operations that the Bank may carry out in monetary matters (liquidity credit lines and issuance of bonds in US dollars).

In this section, you can also access the Operating Rules and Procedures Manual of Part One of the Compendium, which contains the corresponding operating instructions and regulations.