Compendium of Foreign Exchange Regulations and its Manual


Compilation of regulations issued by the Central Bank of Chile using the powers conferred by the Constitutional Organic Law to regulate matters related to international exchange operations.

This Compendium comprehends the general rules applicable to foreign exchange that must be observed by entities that are part of the Formal Exchange Market, including the requirements applicable to those that are not banking companies, together with the establishment of exchange limitations applicable to the main international exchange operations that make up the country’s balance of payments and capital account, consisting in the requirement that the performance of certain operations be reported in writing to the Central Bank and/or carried out exclusively in the Formal Exchange Market (Article 3 and Eighth Paragraph of Title III of the Constitutional Organic Law). 

It should be noted that as of April 19, 2001, the exchange restrictions provided for in Articles 49 and 50 of the Constitutional Organic Law have not been applied.

Finally, this section also provides access to the Compendium’s Manual of Procedures and Information Forms, which contains application instructions for the regulations set out therein.

[This section also includes Chapter XXVI of Title I of the former Compendium of International Exchange Regulations, which was in force prior to the aforementioned date, considering the validity of Exchange Agreements entered into pursuant thereto and to Article 47 of the Constitutional Organic Law.]