Seminarios Online

El Departamento de Investigación Económica de la División de Política Monetaria del Banco Central de Chile, ha organizado una serie de seminarios en línea.

Expositores: Investigadores de universidades y organismos a nivel mundial.

Marzo a Diciembre de 2022 de 11:30 a 13:00 horas. 

Plataforma: Webex

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Fecha Presentador Paper
20-12-2023 Russell Cooper TFPR: Dispersion And Cyclicality
19-12-2023 Brenda Samaniego Parra The Real Effects of Credit Supply Shocks During The COVID-19 Pandemic
13-12-2023 Martin Harding Risk and State-Dependent Financial Frictions
06-12-2023 Camila Casas The Dominant Currency Financing Channel of External Adjustment
29-11-2023 Marshall Burke Quantifying Climate Change Loss and Damage
22-11-2023 Benjamin Villena Wage Cyclicality Revisited: The Role of Hiring Standards
08-11-2023 Chenzi Xu Liquidity, Debt Denomination and Currency Dominance
18-10-2023 Matthew Rognlie Demographics, Wealth, and Global Imbalances in the Twenty-First Century
11-10-2023 Carlos Perez A model of banking without fiat money
04-10-2023 Joel David Risk-Taking, Capital Allocation and Monetary Policy
20-09-2023 Peter Maxted Present Bias Unconstrained: Consumption, Welfare, and the Present-Bias Dilemma
13-09-2023 Saki Bigio Central-Bank Balance Sheet Policies: A Comparative Static Approach
06-09-2023 Andrea Presbitero Who Pays For Your Rewards? Redistribution in the Credit Card Market
29-08-2023 Enrique Mendoza Natural Resources and Sovereign Risk in Emerging Economies: A Curse and a Blessing
23-08-2023 Alejandro Vicondoa Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: Disentangling Quantities from Prices
16-08-2023 Isaac Sorkin Quantifying Racial Disparities Using Consecutive Employment Spells
09-08-2023 David Perez-Reyna Financial development, trade and misallocation
27-07-2023 Kyle Herkenhorf Intergenerational mobility and credit
26-07-2023 Juan Pablo Medina Global Capital Flows and FE Interventions in Emerging Economies
19-07-2023 Pablo Kurlat The Zero Beta Rate
12-07-2023 David Kohn International Trade Finance and Learning Dynamics
05-07-2023 Angelo Gutiérrez-Daza Business Cycles when Consumers Learn by Shopping
14-06-2023 Tommaso Porzio Labor Misallocation Across Firms and Regions
07-06-2023 John Grigsby Are Inflationary Shocks Regressive? A Feasible Set Approach
31-05-2023 Ezra Oberfield Inequality and Measured Growth
24-05-2023 Patrick Moran Breaking the Commitment Device: The Effect of Home Equity Withdrawal on Consumption, Saving, and Welfare
17-05-2023 Sergio Salgado Decomposing Passthrough: Labor Market Power, Technology, and Adjustment Costs
10-05-2023 Franck Portier Some Inference Perils of Imposing a Taylor Rule
04-05-2023 Victoria Nuguer Fintech Entry, Firm Financial Inclusion and Macroeconomic Dynamics in Emerging Economies
26-04-2023 Christopher Limnios New Keynesian Monetary Policy Via Technical Adjustments In An Ample-Reserves Environment
19-04-2023 Jon Steinsson When Did Growth Begin? New Estimates of Productivity Growth In England
12-04-2023 Carlos Burga Bank Competition, Capital Misallocation and Industry Concentration: Evidence From Perú
05-04-2023 Nathan Lane The Who, What, When and How of Industrial Policy: A Text-Based Approach
29-03-2023 Maria Aristizabal Dynamics of Corporate Credit Markets, Employment and Wages: Evidence from Colombia
22-03-2023 Pierre-Daniel G. Sarte Multilateral Comovement in a New Keynesian World: A Little Trade Goes a Long Way
15-03-2023 Ariel Burstein Quantifying the Micro and Macro Effects of Variety Creation and Destruction
08-03-2023 Paul Hubert The Puzzling Effects of Dissent in Monetary Policy Committee