Online Seminars

The Economic Research Department of the Monetary Policy Division of the Central Bank of Chile has organized a series of online seminars.

Speakers: Researchers from universities and organizations worldwide.

March to December 2022 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Platform: Webex

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Fecha Presentador Paper
03-07-2024 Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau From Deviations To Shortfalls: The Effects of the FOMC's New Employment Objective
12-06-2024 Javier Turén Lumpy Forecasts
06-06-2024 Thorsten Beck Information Sharing, Access to Finance, Loan Contract Design, and the Labor Market
05-06-2024 Ignacio Presno Sharing, Access to Finance, Loan Contract Design, and the Labor Market
22-05-2024 Galo Nuño The Heterogeneous Impact of Inflation on Households' Balance Sheets
14-05-2024 Ana Paula Cusolito The Financial Premium and Real Cost of Bureaucrats in Businesses
08-05-2024 Pablo Cuba-Borda Exchange Rate Disconnect and the Trade Balance
24-04-2024 Andreas Mueller Macroeconomic Effects of UI Extensions at Short and long Durations
17-04-2024 Roberto Chang Should Central Banks Have an Inequality Objective?
10-04-2024 Sergio Ocampo The Life Cycle Dynamics of Wealth Mobility
03-04-2024 Caio Machado Managing Overreaction During a Run
27-03-2024 Eric Young Consumer Credit Regulation and Lender Market Power
20-03-2024 Matías Covarrubias Amplification and Nonlinearities in Dynamic Production Networks
13-03-2024 Sebastian Fleitas Regulation by Public Options: Evidence from Pension Funds
12-03-2024 Eduardo Zilberman Heterogeneus Beliefs and Business Cycles
06-03-2024 Humberto Martínez Capital Controls On Outflows: New Evidence and a Theoretical Framework