Research & publications

The Central Bank of Chile is an important actor at the national level in the generation of new knowledge and developments in the main issues of the economic and financial spheres. To do this, it has outstanding researchers who are in a continuous process of research and study, developments that are later exposed to the community through various publications. It also generates instances of discussion and debate that bring together the most important representatives of these issues at the local and international level.

Publications in journals

The Bank's researchers conduct numerous studies in the economic and financial fields, among others. These studies are published in specialized journals around the world.

Research papers

The continuous process of research conducted by the Bank's staff on different subjects is collected in a series of working papers and studies in economic statistics, among others, which are published on a regular basis.


The publication of supplements is part of the Bank's permanent research agenda, with the purpose of making available to the public background information and analysis on relevant topics that allow a better understanding of the functioning of the economy and the conduct of monetary policy.

Research Highlights

This document, published quarterly by the Economic Research Department of the Monetary Policy Division, presents the latest advances in research conducted at the Central Bank.

Macroeconomic Models at the Central Bank of Chile

Within the framework of greater transparency practices, this book describes the macroeconomic models used by the Central Bank in its analysis and forecasts, as well as their use in the monetary policy decision-making process.

Central Banking book series

This collection comprises a series of books on different research topics and other compilations, addressed in greater depth.

Discussion notes

The Monetary Policy Division periodically publishes studies and analyzes of the most important current issues, to inform the public of the main views of the staff that are considered in the discussion of these matters.

Research team

List of the Bank's staff that participates in the different areas of research, studies and publications.


The Central Bank of Chile holds various events, where issues relevant to its work are analyzed and discussed, and in which guests of national and international renown participate. These include the Annual Conference, the Statistics Conference, Workshops, Courses, Seminars and other events co-organized with other institutions.