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The international reserves and foreign currency liquidity template shows consolidated numbers for the Central Bank of Chile and the Central Government. Therefore, these numbers do not represent the situation of the Central Bank, which is in no way responsible for the payment of the Central Government's committments. This is derived from the Central Bank's legal status as an independent institution. 

Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity

This template provides information on international reserves and foreign currency liquidity of the Central Bank and the Central Government, according to the Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB) to which Chile has suscribed. 
Globalization, innovation and crises in international financial markets during recent years have raised awareness of the importance of supplementing traditional data on international reserves, with additional, timely data that enable a better assessment of the authorities’ foreign exchange liquidity position and exposure to exchange rate risk.

Dates of publication of economic statistics during the next twelve months. This calendar is updated, at least, once a month, and published in compliance with the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standards.

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