Juan Carlos Piantini

Strategic Business Management


JUAN CARLOS PIANTINI CARDOSO is Strategic Business Management Manager since July 2017, due to his vast experience on that matters, in fact, between March 2007 and June 2017 he was Head of the Fiscal Agency; the International Money Desk; and the Investment Strategy Departments, mainly dealing with administration of sovereign funds; international reserves; and international investment strategies, design and implementation; respectively.

In 2005 through 2007 he worked for BCI Stock Brokers in charge of the domestic fixed rent portfolio, and previously, in 2003 through 2005 he had already been broker of the international fixed rent portfolio at the Central Bank of Chile. 

Mr. Piantini graduated as Economist from Universidad de Santiago and later on, he got a Master degree on financial economics at the same university. He has also developed an academic curriculum contributing to several universities giving courses for graduate and undergraduate students on economics and finance.