Research papers
Working Papers

The working paper of Central Bank of Chile diffuse economic research essays carried out by Bank professionals or requested to outsiders by the Bank. They series look for contributions to discussing relevant topics and to present new focusses on how to analyze them. Theis purpose is primarily to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to release preliminary economic research results for discussion and commentary.

The publication of working papers is not subject to previous approval by the Central Bank of Chile Board. But the contents of these works as well as the analyses involved are the author(s)´ responsibility and they do not necessarily reflect the Central Bank of Chile´s opinion or that of its Board Members.

Title Authors Date
813 Identifying Complex Core-Periphery Structures in the Interbank Market José Carreño / Rodrigo Cifuentes December 2017
812 Labor Market Flows: Evidence from Chile Using Micro Data from Administrative Tax Records Elías Albagli / Alejandra Chovar / Emiliano Luttini / Carlos Madeira / Alberto Naudon / Matías Tapia December 2017
811 An Overview of Inflation-Targeting Frameworks: Institutional Arrangements, Decision-making, & the Communication of Monetary Policy Alberto Naudon / Andrés Pérez December 2017
810 How do manufacturing exports react to RER and foreign demand? The Chilean case Jorge Alberto Fornero / Miguel Fuentes Díaz / Andrés Gatty November 2017
809 A Model of Labor Supply, Fixed Costs and Work Schedules Gonzalo Castex / Evgenia Dechter November 2017
808 Dispersed Information and Sovereign Risk Premia Paula Margaretic / Juan Sebastián Becerra September 2017
807 The Implications of Exhaustible Resources and Sectoral Composition for Growth Accounting: An Application to Chile Claudia De la Huerta / Emiliano Luttini September 2017
805 Geopolitical Tensions, OPEC News, and Oil Price: A Granger Causality Analysis Carlos Medel June 2017
804 Spillovers and Relationships in Cross-Border Banking: The Case of Chile Andrés Alegría / Kevin Cowan / Pablo García June 2017
802 Bank’s Lending Growth in Chile: The Role of the Senior Loan Officers Survey Alejandro Jara / Juan Francisco Martínez / Daniel Oda June 2017