Research papers
Working Papers

The working paper of Central Bank of Chile diffuse economic research essays carried out by Bank professionals or requested to outsiders by the Bank. They series look for contributions to discussing relevant topics and to present new focusses on how to analyze them. Theis purpose is primarily to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to release preliminary economic research results for discussion and commentary.

The publication of working papers is not subject to previous approval by the Central Bank of Chile Board. But the contents of these works as well as the analyses involved are the author(s)´ responsibility and they do not necessarily reflect the Central Bank of Chile´s opinion or that of its Board Members.

Title Authors Date
736 The Long-Term Divergence Between Your CPI and Mine, The Case of Chile Andrea Bentancor August 2014
735 Probabilidad Clásica de Sobreajuste con Criterios de Información: Estimaciones con Series Macroeconómicas Chilenas Banco central de Chile August 2014
Vulnerability to Changes in External Financing Due to Global Factors Problems getting content

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733 Carry Trade y Turbulencias Cambiarias con el Peso Chileno José Carreño July 2014
732 The Yield Curve Information Under Unconventional Monetary Policies Luis Ceballos / Damián Romero July 2014
731 Análisis de Flujos en el Mercado laboral Chileno Gonzalo Castex July 2014
730 The Changing Nature of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations. New Evidence for Inflation-Targeting Countries Rodrigo Caputo / Gustavo Leyva July 2014
729 Predicción del Empleo Sectorial y Total en Base a Indicadores de Confianza Empresarial Banco central de Chile May 2014
728 Caracterización del Mercado Laboral en Chile y su Evolución en los Últimos 25 años Gonzalo Castex May 2014
727 Learning About Commodity Cycles and Saving- Investment Dynamics in a Commodity-Exporting Economy Jorge Alberto Fornero May 2014