Research papers
Working Papers

The working paper of Central Bank of Chile diffuse economic research essays carried out by Bank professionals or requested to outsiders by the Bank. They series look for contributions to discussing relevant topics and to present new focusses on how to analyze them. Theis purpose is primarily to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to release preliminary economic research results for discussion and commentary.

The publication of working papers is not subject to previous approval by the Central Bank of Chile Board. But the contents of these works as well as the analyses involved are the author(s)´ responsibility and they do not necessarily reflect the Central Bank of Chile´s opinion or that of its Board Members.

Title Authors Date
835 Misallocation or Misspecification? The Effect of “Average” Distortions on TFP Gains Estimations Elías Albagli / Mario Canales / Antonio Martner / Matías Tapia / Juan Wlasiuk June 2019
834 Forecasting Inflation in a Data-Rich Environment: The Benefits of Machine Learning Methods Marcelo Madeiros / Gabriel Vasconcelos / Álvaro Veiga / Eduardo Zilberman May 2019
833 XMas: An extended model for analysis and simulations Banco central de Chile May 2019
832 Extracting Information of the Economic Activity from Business and Consumer Surveys in an Emerging Economy (Chile) Camila Figueroa / Michael Pedersen May 2019
831 Firm productivity dynamics and distribution: Evidence for Chile using micro data from administrative tax records Elías Albagli / Mario Canales / Claudia De la Huerta / Matías Tapia / Juan Carlos Wlasiuk May 2019
830 Characterization of the Recent Immigration to Chile Rosario Aldunate / Gabriela Contreras / Claudia De la Huerta / Matías Tapia February 2019
829 Shifting Inflation Expectations and Monetary Policy Agustín Arias / Markus Kirchner January 2019
828 Macroeconomic Effects of Credit Deepening in Latin America Carlos Carvalho / Nilda Pasca / Laura Souza / Eduardo Zilberman January 2019
827 Determinants of Household Position within Chilean Wealth Household’s Distribution Felipe Martínez / Francisca Uribe September 2018
826 Revisiting the Exchange Rate Pass Through: A General Equilibrium Perspective Mariana García-Schmidt / Javier García-Cicco August 2018