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The Economic Policy Papers Series of the Central Bank of Chile disclose the thinking of Central Bank authorities on the Chilean economy and its policies implementation, as well as on the main domestic and international economic issues. They represent a means of diffusion and discussion on relevant subjects for Central Bank objectives and duties, the series is intended to reach a broader public than the exclusive spectrum of specialists.

Title Authors Date
19 Latin America in a Global World: Challenges Ahead Vittorio Corbo / Andrea Tokman May 2007
16 Improving the Banking System: The Chilean Experience Cristina Betancour / José De Gregorio / Alejandro Jara March 2006
15 Global Imbalances and Exchange Rate Adjustment José De Gregorio September 2006
13 Sustained Growth in Latin America. José De Gregorio March 2005
12 Institution Building in a World of Free and Volatile Capital Flows: A Case Study of Chile Central Bank of Chile December 2004
11 Flexible Exchange Rate Regime and Forex Interventions: The Chilean Case José De Gregorio / Andrea Tokman December 2004
4 Capital Markets in Chile: From Financial Repression to Financial Deepening Claudio González / Rodrigo Cifuentes / Jorge Desormeaux August 2002
3 Promoting Growth in Latin America Anne Krueger November 2001
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