The Fiscal and Monetary History of Chile

Macroeconomic Policy Workshop Becker Friedman Institute and Central Bank of Chile

Program arranged by Rodrigo Caputo and Juan Pablo Nicolini


Rodrigo Caputo / mail: rcaputo@bcentral.cl / Phone: (+562) 26702408
Roberto Gillmore / mail: rgillmore@bcentral.cl / Phone: (+562) 26702773
Nicolás Rivera / mail: nrivera@bcentral.cl / Phone: (+562) 26702799

Checking and registration in Auditorium:  13:45 a 14:00

Opening Remarks

Rodrigo Vergara, Governor Central Bank of Chile

Keynote address

Thomas Sargent, New York University.

The Monetary and Fiscal History of Latinamerica: The Conceptual Framework

Juan Pablo Nicolini (Minneapolis FED and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella).

The Fiscal and Monetary History of Chile: 1960-2010

Rodrigo Caputo (Central Bank of Chile).

The period 1960-1970

Roberto Álvarez (Universidad de Chile)

The period 1960-1970

Daniel Tapia de la Puente (Former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Chile).

The period 1970-1978

Manuel Agosin (Universidad de Chile)

The period 1970-1978

Raimundo Soto (Universidad Católica de Chile)

The period 1979-1985

Rolf Lüders (Universidad Católica de Chile).