Covid-19: Economic Implications and Policy Lessons


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Tuesday, January 12th

Opening Remarks

Joaquín Vial, Central Bank of Chile

The Economic Ripple Effects of COVID-19

Francisco J. Buera, Roberto N. Fattal-Jaef, Hugo Hopenhayn, Andrés Neumeyer and Yongseok Shin

The Short- and Long-run Employment Impact of Covid-19 through the Effects of Real and Financial Shocks on New Firms

Christoph Albert, Andrea Caggesse and Beatriz González

Deadly Debt Crises: COVID-19 in Emerging Markets

Cristina Arellano, Yan Bai and Gabriel Mihalach

Policy Panel I: “Macroeconomic Policy Responses”

Chaired by Pablo Andrés Neumeyer, UTDT

Mario Marcel, Central Bank of Chile
Andrés Velasco, London School of Economics
Ricardo Hausmann, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Alejandro Werner, International Monetary Fund
Carmen Reinhart, The World Bank

EMEs and Covid-19: shutting down in a world of informal and tiny firms

Laura Alfaro, Oscar Becerra and Marcela Eslava

Informal Labor Markets in Times of Pandemic: Evidence for Latin America and Policy Options

Gustavo Leyva and Carlos Urrutia

Firms' s margins of adjustment in the wake of COVID: Microevidence from Chile

Elías Albagli, Andrés Fernández and Federico Huneeus

Unemployed with jobs and without jobs

Robert Hall and Marianna Kudlyak

Policy Panel II: “Firm and Households Support Policies”

Chaired by Roberto Chang, Rutgers University and NBER

Robert E Hall, Stanford University
Augusto de la Torre, Columbia University
Norman Loayza, The World Bank
Elías Albagli, Central Bank of Chile

Closing Remarks

Pablo García, Central Bank of Chile