Seminarios de macroeconomía y finanzas
Fecha Título Expositores
23-10-2019 Aggregate impact of cap-and-trade programs with heterogeneous firms Evangelina Dardati. Universidad Alberto Hurtado
14-10-2019 Optimal Macroprudential Policy and Asset Price Bubbles Alexandros Vardoulakis. FED Board
02-10-2019 Bartik Instruments: What, When, Why, and How Isaac Sorkin, Stanford University
01-10-2019 Efficiency Gains from Wealth Taxation Fatih Guneven, University of Minnesota
25-09-2019 Financial Development and the Effects of Trade Liberalization David Kohn. Universidad Católica de Chile
13-09-2019 Posterior average effects Expositor: Stephane Bonhomme – University of Chicago
04-09-2019 Bubbly Mismatch Pierluca Pannella. Sao Paulo School of Economics.
28-08-2019 Counterfactual Analysis with Artificial Controls: Inference, High Dimensions and Nonstationarity Marcelo Medeiros. Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
21-08-2019 Optimal Fereign Reserves and Central Bank Policy Under Financial Stress Luis Felipe Céspedes. Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
14-08-2019 What Do Sectoral Dynamics Tell Us About the Origins of Business Cycles? Felipe Schwartzman – Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond