New Frameworks for Monetary Policy Analysis in an Era of Crises The Fourth Annual IJCB Fall Conference
Santiago, Chile, septiembre 27-28, 2012
Banco Central de Chile
Session 1: Imbalances
Opening Remarks
by Rodrigo Vergara, Governor, Central Bank of Chile
Discussion Global Imbalances and Taxing Capital Flows.
Frank Warnock
Like a Good Neighbor: Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, and the Distribution of Risk.
Evan Koenig
Session 2: Financial Frictions
Capital Injection, Monetary Policy, and Financial Accelerators
Naohisa Hirakata, Nao Sudo, and Kozo Ueda,
Financial Frictions and Credit Spreads
Pierre Siklos and Ke Pang.
Commentary Financial Frictions and Credit Spreads
Robert E. Hall
Session 3: Policy
Monetary Policy and the Great Recession: Estimating the Macroeconomic Effects of a Spread Compression at the Zero Lower Bound
Christiane Baumeister and Luca Benati
House Prices, Credit Growth, and Excess Volatility: Implications for Monetary and Macroprudential Policy
Paolo Gelain, Kevin J. Lansing, and Caterina Mendicino.
Abstracts of the conference's presentations
Breve resumen de los trabajos presentados en la IV Conferencia del IJCB