Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Central Bank of Chile "Commodity Prices and Macroeconomic Policy"
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, Chile
All sessions will be conducted in English. Simultaneous interpretation between English and Spanish will be provided.
Opening remarks
Opening remarks
by Rodrigo Vergara – Governor, Central Bank of Chile
Session I: Short-Run Challenges: The Role of Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Commodity Price Fluctuations and Monetary Policy in Small Open Economies
Roberto Chang – Professor of Economics, Rutgers University
Andrés Fernández – Inter-American Development BanK
Liquidity and Foreign Asset Management Challenges for LATAM Countries
Joshua Aizenman– Professor of Economics, University of Southern California
Martin Bodenstein – National University of Singapore
Session II: Medium- and Long-Term Implications
Dutch Disease and Monetary Policy
Juan Pablo Nicolini – Professor of Economics, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and Minnesota FED
César Calderón – World Bank
Keynote address
by Jeffrey Frankel - Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Terms of Trade Shocks and Investment in Commodity-Exporting Economies
Jorge Fornero – Senior Economist, Central Bank of Chile
Alfonso Irarrázabal – Norges Bank
Spend, Baby, Spend: Windfalls, Specialization and Misallocation
Radoslaw Stefanski – Assistant Professor , University of St Andrews
Kim Ruhl – New York University
The Three Policy Clocks for Natural Resource Management
Paul Collier – Professor of Economics, Oxford University
Rodrigo Caputo – Central Bank of Chile