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The economic statistics studies

The Economic Statistics Studies are research works dealing with the economic statistics scope, carried out by Central Bank of Chile professionals or requested to external advisors or outside specialists by the Bank. Contents are of the exclusive author(s) responsibility and do not compromise in any way the opinion of the Bank. Generally these are final works and hence, they are not included afterward in any other publication of the Bank.

Title Authors Date
127 Assessing firm heterogeneity within industries for the Chilean economy Diego Vivanco February 2019
114 Financial Sector Accounts: The Chilean Experience in Their Use for Financial Stability Monitoring Pablo García / Josué Pérez July 2015
105 External Debt Profile of Chilean Companies Valeria Orellana / Nelson Loo May 2014
94 Carry-To-Risk Ratio como medida de Carry Trad Sergio Díaz / Paula González / Claudia Sotz February 2013
84 Chilean Direct Investment, 2006-2009 Francisco Gaete / Miguel Ángel Urbina March 2011
68 Methodology for Measuring Derivatives at the Central Bank of Chile Valeria Orellana / Paulina Rodríguez December 2008
51 Report and Recommendations on Two Chilean Labor Force Surveys John Bregge / Easley Hoy March 2006
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