Seminar on FinTech and Financial Stability.
January 18th, 2018
NOI Vitacura Hotel, Santiago, Chile

The objective of this seminar is to highlight the importance for the Central Bank of Chile of current FinTech developments and their potential impacts for the financial system, and to discuss possible policy responses. Given that FinTech has many dimensions encompassing a broad range of issues, the agenda comprises three different areas that we believe are the most relevant in the short and medium term for an emerging economy like Chile. To conclude the seminar, a high-level policy discussion panel on FinTech and financial stability will be held. Discussants, panelists and moderators will be representatives from the public and the private sector, both from Chile and abroad. 

High Definition videos of this Seminar

Keynote lecture
Daniel Heller (Peterson Institute for International Economics)
Session I – FinTech and the (Potential) Evolution of Finance
Fintech and the Evolution of Finance
Hock Lai Chia (President, Singapore FinTech Association)
Fintech in Latin America
Gabriela Andrade (Financial Markets Lead Specialist, IDB)
FinTech and the (potential) evolution of finance
Ricardo Matte (General Manager, Chile’s Banking Association)
Session II – The Financial Inclusion Dimension of FinTech
The Potential of Inclusion in Alternative Finance
Mia Gray (Senior Lecturer and Fellow, Cambridge University)
Democratizing LatinAmerica
Paula Arregui (Product VP, MercadoPago)
Augusto Ruiz-Tagle (Co-Founder,
Session III – Regulatory Challenges
Regulatory Challenges in FinTech: A Singapore Perspective
Hock Lai Chia (President, Singapore FinTech Association)
Seminar on Fintech and Financial Stability
Rosario Celedón (Vice President, Chile’s Financial Market Commission)
FinTech Regulatory Challenges
Lorenza Martínez (Director General of Payment Systems and Corporate Service, Banco de México)