The supervision and administration of the Central Bank is vested in the Board, which is responsible for the exercise of the powers and the carrying out of the duties entrusted to the Bank by its Basic Constitutional Act, which also defines the duties and responsibilities of the Governor, Deputy Governor, General Manager, The General Counsel and the General Auditor.

The organizational structure rests on five Division Directors in turn supported by 23 Area Managers.

Name Position
Mario Marcel


Joaquín Vial

Deputy Governor

Pablo García

Board Member

Rosanna Costa

Board Member

Alberto Naudon

Board Member

Name Position
Alejandro Zurbuchen

General Manager

Juan Pablo Araya

General Counsel

Silvia Quintard

General Auditor

Division Directors
Name Position
Elías Albagli

Monetary Policy Division

Solange Berstein

Financial Policy Division

Raimundo García

Operations Division

Mariela Iturriaga

Administration and Technology Division

Michel Moure

Institutional Affairs Division

Gloria Peña

Statistics Division

Beltrán de Ramón

Financial Markets Division

Name Position
Rodrigo Alfaro

Financial Stability

Mauricio Álvarez

Chief Counsel of Corporate Legal Services

Gabriel Aparici

Financial Regulation and Infrastructure

Carolina Besa

Public Affairs

Carlos Escobar

Cash Center Project

Carmen Gloria Escobar

Statistical Information

Cecilia Feliú


Andrés Fernández

Economic Research

Miguel Fuentes

Macroeconomic Analysis

Diego Gianelli

International Analysis

Leonardo Jadue


Markus Kirchner

Financial Research

Felipe Lozano


Pablo Mattar

Chief Counsel of Normative Legal Services

Enrique Orellana

Monetary Policy Strategy and Communication

José Luis Pérez


Juan Carlos Piantini

International Markets

Bernardita Piedrabuena

Corporative Risk

Marcela Pumarino

Human Resources

Francisco Ruiz

Macroeconomic Statistics

Claudia Sotz

Domestic Markets (Acting)

Mario Ulloa

Planning and Accounting Operation

Andrés Vargas

Operations and Payment Systems