Statistics for Financial and Monetary Analysis
29-30, September, 2015
Intercontinental Hotel, Santiago, Chile
Language: Sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish, simultaneous interpretation will be provided.
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Organizing Committee:
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Opening Remarks
Opening Remarks
by Rodrigo Vergara - Governor, Central Bank of Chile.
Keynote address
Keynote address by Louis Marc Ducharme - Statistics Department Director, International Monetary Fund.
Session I: Financial accounts
Using financial accounts to better understand sectoral financial interlinkages
João Cadete, Director of Statistics Department, Banco de Portugal.
Making financial accounts relevant for policy analysis
Gabriel Quirós, Head of Macroeconomic Statistics Division, European Central Bank.
Relevance of U.S. financial accounts in understanding the U.S. economy
Susan Hume McIntosh, Group Manager of the Financial Accounts Projects, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
Session II: Banking statistics
Monitoring global financial stability with the BIS international banking statistics
Stefan Avdjiev, Senior Economist and Deputy Head of International Banking and Financial Statistics, Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
Changes in the model of generation and broadcasting of statistical information at the SBIF
Nancy Silva, Research Director, Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile(SBIF).
Recent developments of credit statistics in Brazil
Renato Baldini Junior, Advisor to the Head of the Economics Department, Central Bank of Brazil.
Session III: Derivatives statistics
FX Derivatives: a breakdown by financial agents
José Miguel Villena, Head of Monetary and Financial Statistics Deparment, Statistics Division, Central Bank of Chile.
Banco de México and the derivatives repository
Alejandro Gaytán, Director of Financial System Information, Banco de México.
FX Derivatives market in Colombia
Sandra Benítez, Director of Operations and Market Development Department, Banco de la República de Colombia.
Session IV: Survey of Household Finances
The Spanish Survey of Households Finances: uses, characteristics and methods
Ernesto Villanueva, Economist, Research Division, Banco de España.
How does wealth concentration compare across countries?
Fabrice Murtin, Economist, Statistics Directorate, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Survey of Household Finances: Chilean Experience
Diego Avanzini, Senior Economist, Statistics Division, Central Bank of Chile.
Session V Panel Discussion: Users of economic statistics
Louis Marc Ducharme, Statistics Department Director of International Monetary Fund. Turalay Kenç, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and Chairman of the Irving Fisher Committee, Bank for International Settlements. Arturo Tagle Quiroz, Chief Executive Officer of Banco de Chile.
Closing Remarks
Closing remarks
Gloria Peña, Statistics Division Director, Central Bank of Chile.