N° 58 Inflation Dynamics in LATAM: A Comparison with Global Trends and Implications for Monetary Policy
Authors: Elías Albagli, Alberto Naudon, Rodrigo Vergara

The Series of Economic Policy Papers of the Central Bank of Chile presents views and analyses of the Chilean economy and the conduct of monetary policy prepared by Bank authorities. This series, aimed at the general public, disseminates and discusses topics that are relevant to the goals and operations of the Central Bank

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Information Brief

"Inflation rates in most advanced economies remain stubbornly low. To many observers, this reflects persistent economic slack in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), coupled with the evolution of oil prices since late 2014. Indeed, this combination has put deflation concerns at the forefront of policymakers’ concerns, particularly in the Eurozone where output has lagged compared to the recovery in the US, bringing prices even lower despite a significant depreciation against the dollar..."

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