Working Papers Central Bank of Chile - 2015

The Working Paper Series of the Central Bank of Chile disseminates economic research conducted by Central Bank staff or third parties under the sponsorship of the Bank. The purpose of the series is to contribute to the discussion of relevant issues and develop new analytical or empirical approaches in their analysis. The only aim of the Working Papers is to disseminate preliminary research for its discussion and comments.

Publication of Working Papers is not subject to previous approval by the members of the Board of the Central Bank. The views and conclusions presented in the papers are exclusively those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Central Bank of Chile or of the Board members.

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Working papers number 744 ahead

Number title Authors date
758 The Labor Wedge and Business Cycle in Chile David Coble
Sebastián Faúndez
April 2015
757 Accounting for Labor GAPS François Langot
Alessandra Pizzo
April 2015
756 Can a Non-Binding Minimum Wage Reduce Wages and Employment? Sofia Bauducco
Alexandre Janiak
April 2015
755 The Impact of the Minimum Wage on Capital Accumulation and Employment in a Large-Firm Framework Sofia Bauducco
Alexandre Janiak
April 2015
754 Identification of Earning Dynamics using Rotating Samples over Short Periods: The Case of Chile. Carlos Madeira April 2015
753 The Impact of Commodity Price Shocks in a Major Producing Economy. The Case of Copper and Chile. Michael Pedersen April 2015
752 Nominal Term Structure and Term Premia: Evidence from Chile Luis Ceballos
Alberto Naudon
Damián Romero
February 2015
751 The Labor Wedge: New Facts Based on US Microdata David Coble February 2015
750 El Rol de Asimetrías en el Pass-Through: Evidencia para Chile Lucas Bertinatto
Diego Saravia
February 2015
749 Dissent in FOMC Meeting and the Announcement Drift Carlos Madeira
Joao Madeira
February 2015
748 Post-Crisis Financiera y Expansión de las Exportaciones: Micro-Evidencia para Chile Roberto Álvarez; Camila Sáez February 2015
747 Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Prices: VAR Evidence for Chile Santiago Justel
Andrés Sansone
February 2015
746 A New Liquidity Risk Measure for the Chilean Banking Sector Sebastián Becerra
Gregory Claeys
Juan Francisco Martínez
February 2015
745 Sensibilidad de las Exportaciones al TCR: Un Análisis Sectorial y por Destino Samuel Carrasco
Diego Gianelli
Carolina Godoy
January 2015
744 Agrupación de Instituciones Bancarias a Partir del Análisis de Cluster: Una Aplicación al Caso de Chile Alejandro Jara
Daniel Oda
January 2015