Working Papers Central Bank of Chile - 2014

The Working Paper Series of the Central Bank of Chile disseminates economic research conducted by Central Bank staff or third parties under the sponsorship of the Bank. The purpose of the series is to contribute to the discussion of relevant issues and develop new analytical or empirical approaches in their analysis. The only aim of the Working Papers is to disseminate preliminary research for its discussion and comments.

Publication of Working Papers is not subject to previous approval by the members of the Board of the Central Bank. The views and conclusions presented in the papers are exclusively those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Central Bank of Chile or of the Board members.

If you want to receive by e-mail the latest list of working papers published, please contact editor Damián Romero.

Working papers number 717 ahead

Number title Authors date
733 Carry Trade y Turbulencias Cambiarias con el Peso Chileno José Carreño
Paulo Cox
July 2014
732 The Yield Curve Information Under Unconventional Monetary Policies Luis Ceballos
Damián Romero
July 2014
731 Análisis de Flujos en el Mercado laboral Chileno Gonzalo Castex
Roberto Gillmore
July 2014
730 The Changing Nature of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations. New Evidence for Inflation-Targeting Countries Rodrigo Caputo
Gustavo Leyva
Michael Pedersen
July 2014
729 Predicción del Empleo Sectorial y Total en Base a Indicadores de Confianza Empresarial Pablo Pincheira May 2014
728 Caracterización del Mercado Laboral en Chile y su Evolución en los Últimos 25 años Gonzalo Castex
Fabián Sepúlveda
May 2014
727 Learning About Commodity Cycles and Saving- Investment Dynamics in a Commodity-Exporting Economy Jorge Fornero
Markus Kirchner
May 2014
726 Leverage Restrictions in a Business Cycle Model Lawrence Christiano
Daisuke Ikeda
May 2014
725 The Elusive Predictive Ability of Global Inflation Carlos Medel
Michael Pedersen
Pablo Pincheira
March 2014
724 Foreign Shocks on Chilean Financial Markets: Spillovers and Comovements Between Bonds and Equity Markets Marco Morales
Carola Moreno
Camilo Vio
February 2014
723 Forecasting Chilean Inflation with International Factors Pablo Pincheira
Andrés Gatty
February 2014
722 Financial Frictions and the Transmission of Foreign Shocks in Chile Javier García-Cicco
Markus Kirchner
Santiago Justel
January 2014
721 GDP Forecasting Bias due to Aggregation Inaccuracy in a Chain- Linking Framework Marcus Cobb January 2014
720 Dynamic Dispersed Information and the Credit Spread Puzzle Elías Albagli
Christian Hellwig
Aleh Tsyvinski
January 2014
719 The Typical Spectral Shape of An Economic Variable: A Visual Guide with 100 Examples Carlos Medel January 2014
718 RER Appreciation After the Great Recession: Misalignment or Fundamental Correction? Rodrigo Caputo
Mariel Siravegna
January 2014
717 Policy Design with Private Sector Skepticism in the Textbook New Keynesian Model Robert King
Yang Lu
Ernesto Pastén
January 2014