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he purpose of the journal, Economía Chilena, is to help publish the results of research, preferably that carried out by economists at the Central Bank of Chile or on request of this institution, about the Chilean economy or issues of importance to it, with significant empirical content and/or relevance to economic policy. The main areas of interest include macroeconomics, finance, international finance and economic development.
The journal is published by the Research Division Management of the Central Bank of Chile, under the direction of an independent editorial committee. All articles are reviewed by anonymous referees. Its main audience consists of authorities and technical bodies responsible for economic policies, business people and managers in private financial and productive sectors, local and foreign analysts of the Chilean economy. The Review has four sections. The first provides English- and Spanish-language summaries of the main articles in each edition. The second presents the articles.
The third section provides book reviews, with brief summaries and/or reviews of books recently published in Chile and abroad, on issues of importance to Chile or the conduction of Central Bank policies. The editor of this section is Francisco Rosende.
Finally, the fourth section provides a list of recent articles on the Chilean economy, which meet the requirement of having been published or accepted for publication in journals, books or working papers. The review sections include two sub-sections. The first lists articles published, without restriction, and the issues they deal with in the field of economics or finances. The second publishes summaries of some selected articles. The editor of this section is Jorge Restrepo.
The content of the articles included in the journal, ECONOMÍA CHILENA, as well as the analyses and conclusions derived from them, are solely the responsibility of their author(s). Because the journal is academic in orientation, it presents studies that do not necessarily represent commitments by or the opinion of the Central Bank of Chile or of its Board Members.
Researchers from other institutions are invited to send work on the Chilean economy, especially the areas of specialization mentioned here, to be evaluated for publication in ECONOMÍA CHILENA. Readers are also invited to contribute comments on articles published in the review. The corresponding specifications are detailed below. Likewise, researchers from other institutions are invited to send the titles and summaries of their work on the Chilean economy for publication in the summaries section. The corresponding specifications are detailed at the end of the review
Edition: April, August, December
Price: US$ 20, ch$ 4.000 (Issue) US$ 50, ch$10.000 (Subscription)
First edition: August 1998
ISSN: 0717-3830
Documents: Issues published since 2000 in pdf format
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