100 peso Coin

Moneda de $100, reverso.

100-peso Coin, reverse.

Moneda de $100, anverso.

100-peso Coin, obverse.

Metal: CuNiAl (92% Cu; 6% Ni; 2% Al)
Weight: 9.0 grams.
Diameter: 27 millimeters.
Shape: Circular
Edge: Engraved with the phrase "POR LA RAZÓN or LA FUERZA" (By Right or Might).
Obverse: In the center, the National Coat-of-Arms. Above, in a circular shape, the words, "REPÚBLICA DE CHILE" (Republic of Chile). Under the Coat-of-Arms, the Mint mark or manufacturer's symbol.

In the center of the field and written in larger letters, the number "100", underneath this, the word "PESOS", and under this, the year minted. Surrounded by two laurel branches.

Date of circulation: November 1984