50 peso Coin

Moneda de $50, reverso.

50-peso Coin, reverse.

Moneda de $50, anverso.

50-peso Coin, obverse.

Metal: CuNiAl (92% Cu; 6% Ni; 2% Al)
Weight: 7,0 grams
Diameter: 25 millimeters.
Shape: 10-sided
Edge: Engraved with chain.
Obverse: The main figure is an effigy of Bernardo O'Higgins. Around it the words: "REPÚBLICA DE CHILE" (Republic of Chile). To the effigy's right, in small letters and on two lines, the phrase "LIBERTADOR B. O"HIGGINS"(liberator O'Higgins). On the left, the Mint mark or manufacturer's symbol.

In the center of the field and written in larger letters, the number "50"; immediately under this, the word "PESOS" and underneath that, the year minted. Surrounded by two laurel branches.

Date of circulation: September 1981