Seminarios de macroeconomía y finanzas
Fecha Título Expositores
12-09-2018 Optimal Notional Defined Contributions Carlos E. da Costa. FGV Escola Brasileira de Economia e Finanças.
07-09-2018 A Unified Model of International Business Cycles and Trade Saroj Bhattarai. University of Texas at Austin
31-08-2018 Wage Cyclicality of New and Continuing Jobs Juan Wlasiuk. Banco Central de Chile.
17-08-2018 Retirement in the Shadow (Banking) Guillermo Ordóñez. University of Pennsylvania
16-08-2018 Estimating the Information Component in Switching Costs: A Structural Approach Santiago Truffa. A.B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University
09-08-2018 Analyst Coverage Networks and Corporate Financial Policies Francisco Marcet. Universidad de Chile
08-08-2018 Trend Shocks and Sudden Stops Hernán Seoane. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
06-08-2018 Durable Goods, Borrowing Constraints and Consumption Insurance Enzo Cerletti. Goethe University Frankfurt
03-05-2018 Trade and Informality in the Presence of Labor Rafael Dix-Carneiro. Duke University.
27-07-2018 Debt, Defaults and Dogma: Politics and the dynamics of sovereign debt markets César Sosa-Padilla. University of Notre Dame